Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, 164

La seconde partie de Tristan (explicit)

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General information

Folio notes:ff. 296-332, 334-78rb, and 399-505va. f. 378v is ruled and preserves the signature and motto (?) of Jaques de Luzey, but is otherwise blank.
LanguageLanguage object (46)
Approx. date7-10-1316
Date notesThe colophon on f. 504va reads: 'le / jeudí deuant la saint denis de octo / ure lan .M.CCC et xvj. deo g(ratia)s //'.
Place(s) of productionEast France
First words of second recto folio[f. 297ra] quí pres de ci est .
First words of last recto folio[f. 504ra] usse armez pour ce yuoís ie
Incipit[f. 296ra] <[x]N ceste partie dit li contes que / .iij. iorz antiers demora mes sí- / res yuaíns en la mesom le roy / march .>
Explicit[f. 504va] Et pour lamour de ce que ce fu fest / e (et) passe feste vos enconteray je / les p(ar)oles en tele maníere (com)me les / p(ar)oles de si haute feste (et) de sí hono / rable ioie . (com)me ele fu adonques se / doíuent encom(en)cier // CI fine la seconde partie de trístan / (et) apres uient la queste del saínt graal de listoire de tristan . le / jeudí deuant la saint denis de octo / ure lan .M. CCC et xvj. deo g(ratia)s //


Material:Material object (4)
Condition:Fairly good quality parchment in the main, with the odd small hole (e.g. ff. 334, 372, 425, etc.), and numerous stitched tears (ff. 296, 309, 329, etc.). The opening page (f. 296r) is particularly worn (rendering some text illegible), and this MS Part is also affected by tears (e.g. f. 441) and creasing.



383940-42434445464710 487 [...] 51-63642

Quire structure:Regular quaternions for the most part. Quires 39, 43 and 45 are trinions; quire 47 is a quinion; quire 48 is a quaternion wanting its final leaf; and the final quire comprises the first two leaves of a binion.
Quire marks:MSQuiremarkDisposition object (35)
Catchword disposition:MSCatchwordDisposition object (4)

Physical description

General illustration:
General decoration:Space has been left for initials (height: 4 to 12 lines), rubrics and perhaps miniatures at the start of chapters, and for initials (height: 2 to 4 lines) at the start of paragraphs. Guide letters and the text to be rubricated are present in the margin. Occasional line-fillers (e.g. f. 412v). On f. 380r, the initials have been sketched roughly. Sporadic pen-flourished initials with tight fretwork have been completed (e.g. f. 462vb).
Evidence of readership:Folio 296r and the top of f. 296va have been crossed out to smooth the transition between MS parts. In the outer margin of f. 430v, the identity of the 'ch(eualie)r estrange' has been revealed as Palamades. On f. 378v, in a decorative 15th-c. (?) script: 'Jaques de Luzey // B(e)ne va sidure / petit va sydure'. The same hand wrote 'Riche / despo / ??ures??' in the centre of f. 364v, and 'D(omi)ne / ne / in furo / re / tuo / arg' (Ps. 6) on f. 388v.
Foliations description:Modern pencil numbering in the upper right-hand corner of recto sides.

Mise en page

Description 1
Page sampledf. 330r
LayoutMSLayout object (3)
Page dimensions302x234 (mm)
Justification267x172 (mm)
15mm between columns
Column ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
Line ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
RubricationText to be rubricated written in cursive in the margin, but never added.
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:


Level of Execution:Execution object (4)
ScriptScript object (4)
Folio rangeFrom 296ra to 378rb
Date?1300 to 1349
Scribe description:This hand, with its round ductus, displays the following traits: both single- and double-compartment 'a' (upper compartment only pronounced until f. 305rb); 8-shaped 'g'; round 'r' and final 't' with hairlines; both straight and round 's' in final position; both 'u' and 'v' in initial position; tironian 'et' with a bar. Top-line ascenders and bottom-line descenders are often elongated and decorated.
NotesAlso responsible for ff. 399ra-504va.


DescriptionSignature (and motto?) of 'Jaques de Luzey' on f. 378v
Date?1400 to 1499
PlacePlace object (1)