Modena, Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, α.R.4.4

[Part 3]

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General information

2 frontend papers
1 backend papers
LanguageLanguage object (55)
Approx. datec. 1350
Date notesAvalle - Casamassima 1979-1982, 19 and 25, accepted by Spetia 1997, 47.
Place(s) of productionVeneto
Trevise, according to Spetia 1997, 42 and 57-60.
First words of second recto folio
First words of last recto folio


Material:Material object (4)



1-38, 48-2

Quire structure:Quaternions, with two folios missing in the fourth quire, see Spetia 1997, 23-25: "les mots de réclame, placés bien au-dessous du numéro fasciculaire, sont encadrés par un décor [...]. Ce système, inconnu de la première partie du codex, constitue un des indices [...] qui autorisent à voir dans le second manuscrit [=Part3] un produit ajouté plus tard au codex originaire (p. 24).
Quire marks:MSQuiremarkDisposition object (10)
Catchword disposition:MSCatchwordDisposition object (7)

Physical description

General description:Part3 closely imitates Part1, cf. Avalle-Casamassima 1979-1982, 25-28.
General illustration:
General decoration:Initials alternately in red and blue, with pen flourishes. Decoration due to the second decorator of Part 1, cf. Avalle-Casamassima 1979-82, 21 and Spetia 1997, 43-45.
Evidence of readership:Drawings, scribbles and textual integrations by later readers and / or owners at ff. 232v, 233r 257r and 260r (14th c). For more details, see Spetia 1997, 55-56 n. 162, who thinks that they could be due to Pietro da Ceneda.
Foliations description:Numbering in ink by a 16th c. hand.

Mise en page

Description 1
Page sampled233r
LayoutMSLayout object (4)
Page dimensions340x240 (mm)
Justification240x270 (mm)
16mm between columns
RubricationRubrication due to the copyist (c).
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:



DescriptionOwner marks at f. 216r and 260v, "Liber mag(istr)i Petre de Cenet" written from the right to the left. Cf. Spetia 1997 pp. 48-49 and 52-54. Spetia belives that "Pietro da Ceneda serait entré en possession du premier manuscrit [=Part1] justement à Trévise et qu'il aurait fait confectioner là le second manuscrit [Part2]" (p. 48) and suggests that the texts of Part3 were added immediately afterwards, maybe by Pietro himself.
Datec. 1350
PlacePlace object (177)
OwnershipPerson object (79)
DescriptionA note at t f. 261v indicates a new ownership and a shelfmark of the MS: "Zua(n) Malipp(er)o cataneus s(ub)s(cripsi)".
Date?1490 to 1510
PlacePlace object (11)
OwnershipPerson object (81)