London, British Library, Royal 19 C XII

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General information

Folio notes:f. 85 is an original parchment flyleaf.
LanguageLanguage object (3)
Approx. datec. 1250 to 1300
Date notesDate suggested by the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts. The Lancelot-Graal project suggests c. 1250. The writing with exclusive use of round 's' in final position confirms a date in the second half of the 13th c.
Place(s) of productionFrance
The Catalogue of Illuminated MSS suggests England or France. The Lancelot-Graal project tentatively puts forward Paris. Middleton 2003, 223 suggests that the MSS was probably manufactured in France, but was taken to England during the Middle Ages.
First words of second recto folio
First words of last recto folio


Material:Material object (4)
Condition:Four or five folios missing at the end (BL, Catalogue of Illuminated MSS).


Quire structure:
Quire marks:
Catchwords:Catchwords at the bottom of the last folio of each quire
Catchword disposition:

Physical description

General illustration:Not illustrated. Space left for a miniature or rubric (f. 1r) (BL, Catalogue of Illuminated MSS)..
General decoration:Puzzle initials (height: 8 lines, f. 37r) in red and blue with penwork decoration in either colour. Chapters are introduced by smaller initials, alternatingly red and blue with flourishings in the contrasting colour. (BL, Catalogue of Illuminated MSS)
Evidence of readership:Ink drawing of a monkey carrying a cross (f. 1v). Notes in English (?) cursive hands on the flyleaves. On f. 84v 'Jacob mathiis' (BL, Catalogue of Illuminated MSS).
Foliations description:Modern foliation in arabic numerals in crayon in the upper right corner of the recto.

Mise en page

Description 1The intercolumn space is an approximation based on the digitised folio.
Page sampled37r
LayoutMSLayout object (3)
Page dimensions340x240 (mm)
Justification245x165 (mm)
20mm between columns
Column ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
Line ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
RubricationSpace left for an illustration or rubricated titulus on f. 1r.
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:


Level of Execution:Execution object (4)
ScriptScript object (4)
Folio rangeFrom 1ra to 84vb
Datec. 1250 to 1300
Scribe description:Northern textualis with two-compartment 'a' with open upper compartment, clubbed (sometimes forked) ascenders for 'b', 'l', 'h', uncial 'd', 'e' without tongue, 'Rücken' -'g', limb of 'h' does not descend below the baseline, diacritic on 'i' in minim group, round 'r' in final position, round 's' in fonal position, vertical stroke of 't' ascends above the headstroke, 'v' occurs in initial position, diacritic 'dot' on 'y'. Word-separation marked with dash. Abbreviations include apostrophe, nasal bar, uncrossed tironian 'et', superscript vowels, 'com'-abbreviation. Fusion of 'd' and 'e'; st-ligature.


DescriptionIn the Old Royal Library before 1666.
PlacePlace object (124)
OwnershipPerson object (121)