Grenoble, Bibliothèque municipale, 865

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General information

Approx. datec. 1280 to 1300
Date notes
Place(s) of production
First words of second recto folio
First words of last recto folio






Quire structure:Regular quaternions.
Quire marks:MSQuiremarkDisposition object (30)
Catchword disposition:

Physical description

General illustration:
General decoration:The manuscript opens with a larger decorated initial (height: 8 lines). Larger initials are also to be found on the following folios: 4rb (height: 6 lines; title ‘De la fause genieuvre’); 23vb (no title, line = ‘Quant la damoisele fu au roi uenue’); 41ra (height: 6 lines; title ‘Chi endroit dist li contes que lirois artus est rasembles a sa feme’); 43rb (height: 6 lines; title ‘Chi endroit dist li contes que quant li dus de clarence se fu partis de ses compaignons’); 45va, a 6-line decorated initial has been removed; 47ra (height: 6 lines; title ‘En ceste partie dist li contes que quant messire Y sefu partis demon segnor G’); 48vb; 49ra; 50ra; 50vb; 53rb; 55ra; 57ra; 58rb; 61vb; 64vb; 65ra; 69ra; 71 ra; 72va; 73ra; 78vb; 79ra; 79rb; 76ra; 76vb; 77rb; 103rb (height: 6 lines; title ‘Chi endroit dist licontes quensi comme uous aues oi est Lancelot en la prison le seneschal de gorre’); 105rb; 111vb; 119rb; 120v; 130vb. Otherwise, chapters begin with 2-line, very occasionally 3-line initials.
Evidence of readership:There were no rubrics originally in this manuscript, and no spaces left for them, but someone other than the scribe has added rubrics in spaces where he can find them or in the margins. This person writes increasingly sloppily in parts. His work is mainly in red, but some additions are are in brown. Some of the additions seem to have been copied from real rubrics; some read more like ad hoc resumé of the text. The position of the rubrics is marked with a line. Although there are some pages with no mark-up of any kind, generally there is a lot of mark-up, usually added with a view to making the manuscript easier to navigate. Throughout the manuscript the name of the main protagonist is often written in red or in brown at the top of the page, which means that effectively the manuscript frequently has running headers. Sometimes different columns have different headers, so that you can see how the interlace works. For example, a clear division of this sort is marked on f. 41r. The same hand has often marked the beginning of every sentence with an opening bracket. The rubrics are not always inserted at a paragraph break.
Foliations description:

Mise en page

Description 1
Page sampled4r
LayoutMSLayout object (3)
Page dimensions310x215 (mm)
Justification220x150 (mm)
20mm between columns
Column ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
Line ruling present in Colours object (4) (RulingMaterials object (3) )
RubricationThe manuscript originally had no rubrics, but rubrics have been added from another source and by another hand (perhaps in some instances composed) mainly in the margins. Most of these are in red, but some are in brown.
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:


Level of Execution:Execution object (3)
ScriptScript object (6)
Folio rangeFrom 1 to 136
Date?1280 to 1300
Scribe description: