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[Part 1]

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General information

LanguageLanguage object (48)
Approx. date?1350 to 1370
Date notesDated on the basis of the illustration. However, the text of Part 1 might have been copied in 1330-1340, cf. Leonardi et alii 2014, 289-297.
Place(s) of productionVeneto
See Leonardi et alii 2014, 289-297 and the linguistic study by Claudio Lagomarsini at pp. 313-315.
First words of second recto folio
First words of last recto folio
Incipit[f.1ra] armes que des autres chevaliers qui de tel grandece ne sont; l'an ne porroit trouver nul ausin bon, non voir des granz ne des petiz  [transcription from Lathuillère 1966, 86]
Explicit[f. 76rb] nunde il a ia este emprison sis mois entiers / [u]oire assez plus mes tout cel terme ne li ressem

Related MS

The illustration of this manuscript probably belongs to a first Venetian (perhaps Paduan) phase of the Master of Guiron le Courtois, dateing ca. 1350-1370, see Leonardi et alii 214, 82-90. Cf also Lauby 2000, 214 and Sutton 1996.
RelationshipType object (2)Manuscript object (118)

See Nicola Morato's analisys in Leonardi et alii 2014, 51-59.
RelationshipType object (12)Manuscript object (133)


Material:Material object (4)



18-2, 28, 38-2, 4-98, 108-1, 116?

Quire structure:Some ff. of the 1st quire (1 and 8), of the 3rd quire (1 and 2), of the 10th quire (8) are gone. Decorated initials cut off at ff. 21v, 69v, 73v, 76r. See Lathuillère 1966, 89 and Leonardi et alii 2014, 289. The last quaternion includes Part2.
Quire marks:
Catchword disposition:MSCatchwordDisposition object (9)

Physical description

No. of illustrations:73
General illustration:73 illustrations, mainly on the bottom margin of the page and in 29 cases extending on both the facing pages, belonging to the early production of the Master of Guiron le Courtois. Cf. the analysis carried out by Ilaria Molteni in Leonardi et alii 2014, 333-352; see also also Lauby 2000, 214; Sutton 1996; Lathuillère 1966, 89.
General decoration:7 decorated initials at ff. 21v (cut off), 49r, 50v, 62v, 69v, 73v, 76r (the last three have been cut off), typical of the Northen Italian production of mid 14th c., see Ilaria Molteni's remarks in Leonardi et alii 2014, 83. Small initials with pen flourishes. Line fillers.
Evidence of readership:
Foliations description:

Mise en page

Description 1
Page sampled75v
LayoutMSLayout object (3)
Page dimensions475x315 (mm)
Justification 350x220 (mm)
20mm between columns
Column ruling present
Line ruling present
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:


Level of Execution:Execution object (4)
ScriptScript object (1)
Folio rangeFrom f. 1ra to f. 76rb
Date?1330 to 1340
Scribe description:
NotesDate and location by Gabriella Pomaro and Teresa De Robertis, cf. Leonardi et alii 2014, 48.