Marseille, Bibliothèque municipale L'Alcazar, 1106

C'est le livre de messire Guron le courtois [f. 1v, 15th c. hand]

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General information

2 frontend papers
1 backend papers
Folio notes:2 front endpapers in vellum, numbered f. 1 and f. 2 after the original f. 1 and f. 2 were lost. These two ff. present traces of a diplomatic document probably contemporary to the rest of the MS, and various other inscriptions. Cf. Lathuillère 1966: 54, who indicates, among other inscriptions, at the top of f. 2r "De Tricose", in the center "Cela sans plus. Dunnois. De la Tremoille. au demourant. Jehan du Fou" and at f. 226 "Anno Domini millesimo CCCCXII indictione XII die Martis".
LanguageLanguage object (44)
Approx. date1275 to 1300
Date notesMorato 2010, 19: last quarter of the 13th c.; Lathuillère 1966, 52: 1275-1280 (expertise by Robert Marichal)
Place(s) of production
Morato 2010, 19. The copy seems to have generic Picard traits.
First words of second recto folio[missing (physical lacuna)]
First words of last recto folio[missing (physical lacuna)]
Incipit[f. 3ra] le [...] / puis [...] / vons sor [...] / vos .ij. ane [...] / du arihain (et) e[...] / grant (et) sib[...] / ele dist asoi [...]
Explicit[f. 269vb] pres demalohaut qui asses poi li avoit a / porte Mais il quidoit [...]aynement laiens


Material:Material object (4)
Condition:9 miniatures have been cut off, 42 ff. (including ff. 1 and 2) are gone, ff. 4 to 11, 47, 48, 50, 51, 153 to 157 are fragmentary (see Lathuillère 1966, 53).


Quire structure:39 quaternions with many lacunae (cf. Lathuillère 1966, 53).
Quire marks:
Catchword disposition:

Physical description

No. of illustrations:10
General illustration:9 out of 10 miniatures were removed from the MS (initially placed at ff. 9v, 15r, 28r, 30r, 45r, 51v, 54v, 75v, 77v), the only extant one being that at f. 47 (cf. Lathuillère 1966, 53).
General decoration:
Evidence of readership:Marginal inscriptions at ff. 72r, 96v and 226 ("Anno Domini millesimo CCCXII indictione XII die Martis"). At f. 1v, a 15th c. hand wrote: "C'est le livre de messire Guron le courtois", on the same f. there are also XVIII c. notes. At f. 51v there is a drawing of a galloping horse (Lathuillère 1966, 53).
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Level of Execution:Execution object (4)
ScriptScript object (6)
Folio rangeFrom 4r to 269vb
Date1275 to 1300
Scribe description: