Udine, Archivio di Stato, fr. 110

[Tristan fragments]

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General information

LanguageLanguage object (48)
Approx. date?1300 to 1350
Date notesBenedetti 2003: 'prima metà del XIV secolo' (p. 47), with the second quarter of the century more likely on the basis of scripta and mise en page (p. 49).
Place(s) of productionNorthern Italy, Veneto
'Ha risentito in ultima istanza della scripta dei testi francesi copiati in area italo-settentrionale, probabilmente veneta' (Benedetti 2003, 57). 'Italia del nord-est' (Cigni 2012, 258).
First words of second recto folio
First words of last recto folio
Incipit[f. 1r] Mais ne po(r) qant ce quil ma si grant omage fet co(m) de metre a mort mo(n) / pere e ma mere (Benedetti 2003, 58)
Explicit[f. 2v] esmes qi mieus uendroit q(e) il seul moruist qe si bone citie fust destte ne si gra (Benedetti 2003, 66)


Material:Material object (4)
Condition:Some of the text on f. 1 is obscured by a hole.


Quire structure:
Quire marks:
Catchword disposition:

Physical description

General illustration:
General decoration:Plain initials in red ink (height: 2 lines).
Evidence of readership:
Foliations description:

Mise en page

Description 1
Page sampledf. 1
LayoutMSLayout object (3)
Page dimensions270x205 (mm)
Justification (mm)
mm between columns
Writing above top line?False
Sample page layout:


Level of Execution:Execution object (4)
ScriptScript object (1)
Folio rangeFrom f. 1r to f. 2v
Date?1300 to 1350
Scribe description:Mostly two-compartment 'a', but the simplified form is also present. Other cursive influence includes ascenders with serifs. For Benedetti 2003, 49, the large number of abbreviations suggests the text may have been copied for private use.


DescriptionUsed in 1457-1458 as a cover for legal documents by Lorenzo di Domenico di Lovaria, a lawyer in Udine (Benedetti 2003, 47).
Date?1457 to 1458
PlacePlace object (100)