New Haven, Beinecke Library, 229

Lancelot du Lac; San Graal; Mort Arthur. Title added in modern hand on modern end paper recto side.

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1 frontend papers
1 backend papers
Folio notes:The manuscript contains one unfoliated modern paper end paper. On the recto side, this has a list of contents in a modern hand. The end paper verso has 'n. 5' and '14' both written in modern hands. This is followed by a watermark with marks and a contents list in a modern hand. There is one unfoliated modern paper front endpaper left blank, and followed by a watermark. There are folios missing after f. 115v. Barbara A. Shailor has calculated that four folios are missing between f. 115v and f. 116r.
LanguageLanguage object (3)
Approx. date?1275 to 1300
Date notesLibrary catalogue record.
Place(s) of productionNorthern France
'M. A. Stones suggests Therouanne as the likely provenance.'
First words of second recto folioa tant . Mais ce ne puet estre . Car agra / uains li vient lespee tra??it??e (et) li donne g(ra)nt / coup sor son hiaume .
First words of last recto folio ne vit onques grignor (et) plaindre / trop durement . Celui ior fit la dueil / grant el chastel . Et la nuit firent ou / urir la tombe Galeholt qui tant / estoit riche que nule plus .
IncipitChi en droit / dist li con / tes : que / q(ua)nt Agra / uaíns se / fu partis / de ses com / paignons / si come / vous aues / oit . kil es / ra . íí . iors sans auenture trouuer con / doie ramenteuoir en líure .
ExplicitExplicit la mort au Roi artus (et) de / lancelot du lac . (et) des compaignons / de la table reonde .


Material:Material object (4)
Watermark:There are watermarks on modern inserted pages at the start and end of the manuscript.
Condition:Generally the manuscript is in a very good condition. There is staining on some folios, for example ? . F. 253 is slashed in the margin but this does not affect the legibility of the text. F. 361 is cut right across and glued together. (Library catalogue). Sometimes blank corner sections of the folio have been torn off, for example on folio 361.


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